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A baby climber that promotes your child's motor skills.

The basic triangle with crossbars and slide are a fun accessory for exercise and play. On it, the child trains different muscle groups throughout the game, develops flexibility, speed and improves his coordination and motor skills. The slide is on one side a level for descents, and on the other side with boards on which the toddler can climb. The inclination of a triangle cannot change in this triangle.


• Made of natural materials

• Durable and resistant to damage and wear

• The wood is thoroughly sanded, varnished with water-based varnish and polished

• Freestanding - without attachment

• Easy to install


Technical information:

Material; side beams of pine, crossbeam of beech wood

Components: triangle with bars, slide

Dimensions; width 82.50 cm, height 106 cm, slide 120 * 35 cm; weight 15 kg

The maximum load of the set is up to 30 kg

• For indoor use

Intended for children from 1 to 5 years of age

• Mounting kit included


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